Situational intelligence for public safety

Access to real-time incident data, for first responders and citizens.

Data Intelligence

Share critical incident data between teams, agencies, and with the public in real-time.


Easy to use, and there when you need it on the frontlines.

Time Saved

Track resources, equipment, and personnel across incidents of any scale.

Demo of the Perimeter platform on a laptop computer (left) and a mobile phone (right); both screens show a spot fire incident.

A single, trusted source for real-time incident information sharing.

Fire response is changing. With more fires threatening the wildland-urban interface each year, departments need the right tools to mobilize quickly and keep everyone safe.

Firefighters need to access incident information to stay informed and promote situational awareness safety, saving critical time and resources on the ground. All with a tool that’s easy to use, not overburdened by unnecessary technical features. 

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Customer testimonial

Ken Dueker, Palo Alto OES

“We have an appetite to innovate, but we don’t have the tools.”

Our team has worked directly with experts across emergency management agencies to ensure that our fire response software directly addresses the needs of our first responders and promotes firefighter safety. The Perimeter platform integrates the newest information sharing technology directly into existing department workflows.

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