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Perimeter founder Bailey Farren highlighted in Petaluma newspaper

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The Argus Courier published an article last week featuring Perimeter co-founder and CEO Bailey Farren and her efforts to bring real-time communication technology to fire safety.

The article detailed Farren’s personal connection to fire prevention — both of her parents were first responders and her father, Dan Farren, is a retired fire captain for the Petaluma Fire Department — and how her experience evacuating from fires in Northern California helped inspire her to found Perimeter. The Argus Courier is a local paper serving the city of Petaluma, California.

Perimeter has begun testing with several departments, including the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services and the Petaluma Fire Department, to build a platform for first responders to input, share, and collaborate on incident information. As Petaluma Fire battalion chief and head of technology and communications Chad Costa noted in the article, first responders are relying on archaic methods to respond to some of the biggest fires in state history.

“During the Walbridge fire, you would see me out there, writing on a paper map where each engine is,” Costa said. “That’s sometimes the only way I can keep track of things, and it’s really unfortunate. This new technology is there, it’s just a matter of getting it on a central platform and making it accessible.”

The article is available online here

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