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Perimeter spotlighted for innovation in public safety communications

Local News Matters published a feature on Monday highlighting Perimeter’s potential to improve public safety communications through its work in Palo Alto and with the National Guard.

The non-profit news organization, which serves the San Francisco Bay Area, interviewed Perimeter co-founder and CEO Bailey Farren about the team’s transition from a research project to a funded startup company. The article also featured testimonials from Parade Ventures’ Managing Director Shawn Merani, who led Perimeter’s initial funding round, as well as Palo Alto’s Director of Emergency Services, Ken Dueker.

Perimeter recently completed a year-long partnership with the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services, and is exploring future collaboration for the coming wildfire season.

“We’re hoping Perimeter will get massive success, because the problems they’re trying to solve have been intractable and seemingly impossible to solve,” said Dueker. “We certainly want to encourage innovation in public safety because frankly there’s not a lot of it.”

As noted in the article, one of the key benefits of the Perimeter platform is its capacity to complement and unify existing data collection tools, rather than completely replace existing public safety systems. By doing so, the platform can increase data access for incident commanders as well as front-line responders.

“Even though (a public safety agency) may have that data, that doesn’t mean that most firefighters can access it. So, what we plan to do is integrate with the system they already work with to make that information more available,” said Farren.

The article is available online here

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